Bubuto: Tamale Translated

July 22, 2017
Arts Letters and Numbers
Averill Park, NY
A dinner event with Amara Abdal Figueroa, Diana Mangaser, Laura Genes & Yoshihiro Sergel

Bubuto, Kapampangan for "tamales", are a delicacy and specialty food from Pampanga, Philippines that transform the Spanish tamale into Filipino version of the dish: squares of ground rice topped with chicken (seitan), vegetables, and other condiments are wrapped in banana leaf and steamed over open fire. We brought this dish to our friends at Arts Letters and Numbers during a weekend of their Summer Workshop, and served 30+ people along with a fresh mango salad and banana ketchup. We invited the workshop participants to partake in the making, sharing, and eating of our bubuto.

Images: Arts Letters and Numbers from Constitution | 2017 Summer Workshop